Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Character Folio (Part 1)

At the start of my campaign I always provide my players with a custom made character folio, which consists of a plastic binder with plastic sleeves, a cover specific to the current campaign and an adapted character sheet modified to accommodate some of my house rules. This time round I have decided to use the, “Neceros 1.1.2” for inspiration as my base.

I have added Comeliness in under Ability Scores, added Languages under skills and lastly include a space for notes. The other pages of the character folio will be included in, "Character Folio Part 2 and Part 3."

I have come up with two covers for my character folio and now I am not sure which one to use! So … I think I am going to put it out there to my fellow bloggers and let see which you guys think I should use.

Do any of you provide character folios, character cards etc. for your players? I would be keen to see them and compare notes.


  1. That's a sweet character sheet there!

  2. I tell you, it's a real toss up between those two covers. Both are awesome.

    As to providing the things mentioned; most of the guys I'm currently gaming with have the WotC and Pathfinder computerized character generators. They use those, so there's nothing for me to "supply."

    They haven't shown an interest in a purely "home brew" game . . . yet. When that time comes, I'll have to come up with something. ;)

  3. I like both, but option 1 the knights on horses keep drawing my eyes.

  4. I really like the second one. You can't go wrong with the Greyhawk Adventures hardcover art work.



  5. Number two for me. I like the first but it's a little too colouful and "clean".