Monday, January 30, 2012

D&D Experience 2012 Follow Up, or Not

When I sat down this morning to write my follow up article on D&D Experience 2012 - DnD Next, it occurred to me that a lot of  assumptions were being made based on information that has been leaked on the internet, and bits and pieces from Wizards themselves. I looked over the links that I had bookmarked, the transcripts from Wizards of the Coast and I thought to myself, “What am I doing?" Let me take 10.

We are all very excited about the news of a new edition of D&D, HELL who wouldn’t be?

I would be able to once again buy a product that was actually labelled DUNGEONS & DRAGONS. How can we be excited beyond this point at this stage? Besides the lucky few that got to be part of the first open play tests this past weekend, how could we be. I mean honestly, tell me how does the game play? I can't answer that or expect you to.
Really, I can't! Why? Well, because what I like and what you like in RPG rules could be completely different and that’s a given. Most of us agree to disagree on a large part of the rules, with a few that agree on somethings. What I am looking for in a RPG might not necessarily be what you are looking for in a RPG.
Will the next edition of D&D cater to my style of play? I don't know, even if "Mark" down the road gave me a full breakdown of his play test experience, it is still from his perspective, not mine. So I am still pretty much in the dark really, if you think about it.

We are relying on third party information that is being passed along across the internet or word of mouth, but how reliable is that information?  Yes, I can hear you all saying that some of the information is reliable, as it is from Wizards of the Coast themselves, but in all honesty until I hold the open beta play test rules in my hands, I will continue to be a sceptic. So I wait patiently for arrival of Spring with baited breath.

Do I see myself buying into another rule system? I don’t know ...

I have switched to Pathfinder RPG from Paizo and I am pretty darn happy with what I am getting for my money. The company listens to its customers, the products are of a high quality and mostly importantly, and I have to especially complement Erik Mona on this, the fact that he himself takes time to answer mails that are sent to him.

I spent Saturday afternoon sorting out my RPG collection, as someone decided that it was time to spring clean …. I am not going to mention names, only that it took me a good part of the afternoon for me to get everything back into the correct order. This gave me a lot of time to think things through as I paged through my books packing them back onto the shelves. Yes, there is order to everything, especially when it comes to MY things. Anyway as I was packing my books back on the shelves, I looked down at the bottom shelf of my RGP collection and realised that I had spent a fortune on a couple of the game systems that I would never likely ever use again, EVER!

Why? Well to be honest they no longer appeal to me anymore. There is nothing wrong with the rules or the settings, they just not what I want to play. I could happily sit on a rainy day and page through them with fond memories, but I am a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS gamer through and through. It is what I am comfortable with, it is what I know and it is what I really enjoy playing most of all.

I love watching Sci-Fi movies, but that is where it stops, I don’t enjoy reading science fiction, I don’t like reading books where you have genres that mix, that’s just me. I played some Rifts, Cyberpunk 2020, Werewolf, Vampire etc. when I was younger and had a blast, but when I sit down and I want to design an adventure, my first thoughts are always of some sort of Dungeons & Dragons plot.

Early in the article I said that I really liked what Paizo has done with Pathfinder, a good solid set of rules that comes with a lot of options and I find that very appealing, BUT in the same breath I find myself drawn back to the set of rules that started it all for me, my beloved Red Box Basic Set. Hours and hours of fun had been had from those two red books.

The question is why do we continue to try and improve on something that doesn’t need to be improved? Hell, we don’t even need the rules, and it is what Gary said all along, we have the most important tool of all, our imaginations! Let’s face it you either a DM or you aren’t there is no real grey area here. I feel most comfortable in the role of DM, although I enjoy been a player, but it is not long before I feel the call, to once again adorn the mantle of DM and send my players on a perilous journey into the depths of my imagination.

Until the Starbreak ...

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  1. Well, it's hard to disagree with most of that.

    I still think of my old Asimov books with fondness, but it's been many years since I read Sci-fi. Movies, yes, books, no.

    And I don't like the mixing of it either. I remember John Carter of Mars with fondness too, but no longer enjoy that sort of "story."

    2e is my favorite system, although I do like some of the changes in 3.5 and especially Pathfinder, which my current group enjoys playing. Paizo brought back some of the "old style game" back to the table.

    Still, I have no interest is "seeing" D&D Next -- meaning that I'm not even interested in play-testing it.

    It's going to contain much of 4e -- it has to -- and I care not one wit for 4e.

    But I sincerely hope that you enjoy your gaming experience with it, Rory. I like for my friends to be happy. :)