Thursday, January 26, 2012

DnD Next, the Next Generation 5.0

After monitoring the Wizard of the Coast DnD Next forums since the announcement earlier this month, one can notice that there is a flurry of activity (especially from the 4e players) of opinions.

One of the community members on the forums took it upon themselves to consolidate all the suggestions posted, into Yes and No options. With not much voice been heard from the older Dungeons & Dragons Edition players, and more so from the current 4e edition players, is resulting with things like, NO to feats, More Skills, YES to Healing Surges, YES to Daily Powers, YES Class Roles, etc. this is resulting in large number of votes for 4e game mechanics and less against.

If WotC is going to listen to public opinion and the forums are a main source for feedback, older edition players are going to have to make themselves heard or we are going to be seeing a very different D&D 5.0 than what WotC is promoting at the moment.

Everything at the moment IMO is focused on players of different editions, sitting playing a simple or complex character at the same table, but my question is what about the DM who wants to run a simple game, how does he deal with someone who wants to run a complex character? Does the picture above depict the choas that will arise around the table with the modulare approach to the rules?

Already there are inconsistencies that are coming from posts of WotC staff on Twitter and Forums. It is still too early to tell what is what without seeing the rules that are going to be playtest later this week at D&D Experience.

One has to accept the fact that this is something that WotC has been working on for some time now, you don’t just pull something out the hat within a few days …

I really hope that they are able to pull DnD Next off, I am after all a D&D player and that's what I tell people I am playing when I am asked, "What you doing over there?"

On a positive note WotC will be reprinting the original Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Player’s Handbook click here, Dungeon Master’s Guide click here and Monster Manual click here. The price is somewhat steep if you are not earning dollars, but a portion goes to a good cause, The Gygax Memorial Fund.


  1. I'm not going to jump through hoops to help them sell me something. If they really value old school opinions, then they're the ones who have to make the effort. No matter what they do, I've still got my 1E, my Swords & Wizardry, my Labyrinth Lord. All I really want from them at this point is a reprint of 0E, Chainmail, and the supplements. They need to convince me that 5E is worth my time, not have me convince them to make something that I'll play.

  2. Well said faoladh. I, initially, thought that this was an opportunity for WOTC to do the right thing with rules design but I am beginning to wonder if it isn't going to be a case of "He who shouts loudest ... "

  3. I'm pretty sure that they're monitoring other forums and social networks. Mike Mearls, et al, have shown up on Google+, for instance, which has been featuring some wild and woolly discussions on rpg's.

    1. The main concern of my post is that the older generation needs to make sure that they have their say.

    2. If WotC want to know what I want to buy from them, they better surf over to The Piazza, as I've mostly hung out there since they deleted the forums for minority campaign settings.

  4. Some of us from the "older generation" are not and never were unhappy with the rules we had.

    No one today wants "story." Most don't even want Modules. Most want more and more Rule books. It wouldn't surprise me if such people wouldn't be more comfortable in a Socialist Society, where they can be told what to do and when to do it.

    You know, they're real lives can be governed by rules. Rules that other people make for them.

    I'm tired of "new" Rule books. Keep them and I'll keep playing the Rules books that I was never dissatisfied with in the first place.

    1. I'm tired of new rules. I moved to 3e, but was never into the concept of D&D being some sort of "operating system" that needs to be upgraded.

      I want campaign settings. 3e gave me access to 3rd party campaign settings, but I'm still waiting for 4e to get around to putting out Nentir Vale and they are already winding it down. :-(

      2e had a wealth of campaign settings. 3e gave us less. 4e has given us even less. I've got no confidence that 5e will actually republish the old campaign settings and also give us a few new ones.

      I don't have time to learn rules (and the closed nature of 4e makes it much harder to get online help than the open nature of 3e). And the fact that the death of 4e has been announced when I've not yet bought a 4e book (and am still trying to complete my 3e collection) means that I've got no confidence that WotC will maintain 5e for long enough to actually develop anything other than a bunch of new character crunchy stuff that I'll have no interest in adding to the worlds that existed before 4e was published.

  5. MS,

    And some of us where never satisfied by AD&D, 2nd Edition, etc. As someone who played and DMed their way through all editions of D&D, it wasn't until 3rd Edition that the game really started support the D&D I wanted to play.

    I am not saying that 3e or 4e (the edition I play at the moment) is what everyone wants but there are plenty of us who do want it.

    I am sorry that you feel the need to deride other people's style of play (cheap labels like socialist and all). I am just happy people are still playing games, period. Frankly, our community is small enough that I try and support anyone willing to be a part of our hobby.

    If you want exile yourself to a specific D&D ghetto because someone might not play the game the way you think is should be played, well don't let the swollen oaken door with reinforced iron bands hit you on the way out.

    Frankly, I had my fill of the edition wars. I would rather have some fun with folks that just want to sit down around the table and game. Hell, I might even be willing to play AD&D with them.

    I am with D&D, not some damn edition of it.

    Bryan Blumklotz
    AKA Saracenus