Sunday, September 30, 2012

Character Spotlight - Jurgen Frangst

Campaign: LEGACY the Path of Heroes
Class: Barbarian
Level: 5
Race: Human (Suel)
Alignment: Neutral

STR 19  DEX 16  CON 18  INT 10  WIS 10  CHA 15  CMS ??

Jurgen grew up in the foothills of the Griff Mountains, north of the Timberway forest. At an early age he learnt to live off the land and how to survive in the hostile environment of his native land, the Hold of the frost barbarians.

At 16, he left his home to seek his fortune. He adventured through the Griff Mountains and though the Troll Fens where he hooked up with a band of slave traders outside Rakervale? The general population of Pale are oppressed by religious inquisitors and make obedient slaves. They plied their trade along the river running from the Troll Fens to the Nyr Dyv. It was here that he had a fall out with the leader of the band over a particularly attractive slave girl, whom they captured outside Stoink. The dispute ended with Jurgen having to flee for his life. After some time he started working the caravans in Radigast City to earn some gold. After many months he eventually worked his way to Safeton, where he signed up as a guard for a caravan headed for Verbobonc.

The caravan was attacked as they entered into the Gnarly forest, just before night fall by bandits. Once again Jurgen kept his wits about him and he managed to escape. This time he decided enough was enough and it was time for payback. He tracked the attackers to the Village of Nulb, after which he tracked a small band of bandits deeper into the forest. It was late in the winter evening when they arrived at a small secluded cottage deep in the forest. Seeking shelter and wanting to keep a watchful eye, Jurgen climbed one of the big Bronzewoods, where he pulled his winter blanket over his shoulders and plotted his revenge.


  1. Shades of Conan!

    Good to see you back. Wondered where you had gone off to! ;)

  2. "Jurgen"!

    Great minds think alike. :) This is the name I gave to an NPC in Agnosco Adventum, published in the Canonfire! Chronicles recently. ;)


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