Sunday, September 30, 2012

Character Spotlight - Anmaren Highcrown

Campaign: LEGACY the Path of Heroes
Class: Paladin
Level: 5
Race: Human (Suel)
Alignment: Neutral

STR 17  DEX 17  CON 15  INT 14  WIS 15  CHA 17  CMS ??

Anmar (an abbreviation of his full name, Anmaren Highcrown) is a resident of the city of Dyvers, attached to the Holy Order of the Chapeaux of Saint Cuthbert that is based there, although the headquarters of his order is located in the city of Verbobonc. He is a tall man, at over 6’ 2”, and has an athletic build that is more sinewy than pure muscle. His ancestry is mixed Oeridian and Suel, but his features favour the Oeridian blood that runs proudly in his veins. He has dark brown hair, usually cropped short, and piercing grey eyes, and although he is regarded as handsome, he is not a vain man.

Anmar often appears detached and reserved to strangers, with a certain bearing or manner of carrying himself that some perceive as arrogance. In actual fact, Anmar can be relaxed and at ease with his friends and those he trusts, and in the past he was not above a night of carousing and wenching with his fellow knights in the days before they took their Investment Rites. Nowadays, his duties have given him a slightly more cautious attitude to frivolous behaviour, but he still enjoys a glass of good wine, and considers himself somewhat of an authority on the best vintages of Dyvers and Verbobonc, and the surrounding areas.

He does not openly discuss his family history, but the Knightly Rolls of both Furyondy and the Shield Lands include several mentions of the Highcrown name, and it would seem that he may have originally hailed from one of these nations. Why he made the move to Verbobonc as a young man, presenting himself at the Temple of Saint Cuthbert at the age of 24, he has not yet revealed, but he has taken up his calling late in life, and is a good five years or so older than most of his peers.

It was perhaps this maturity that drove the Father Superior of the Order of the Stars in Dyvers to select Anmar to undertake a journey southwards in pursuit of a certain drunken cleric of Saint Cuthbert. In addition, Anmar has gained something of a reputation as being a hot-head at times, and he has a somewhat brutal attitude when it comes to dealing with non-believers, especially those with an evil disposition. Perhaps his superiors believe an extended stay in the wilds may temper some of that fire….

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  1. Slightly "off," but a nice playable character.

    "Off" in the his superiors in the Church of St. Cuthbert would NOT be interested in 'tempering' his ardor.