Sunday, September 30, 2012

Character Spotlight - Darius Monn

Campaign: LEGACY the Path of Heroes
Class: Druid 3 / Wizard 1
Level: 4
Race: Human (Suel)
Alignment: Neutral

STR 08  DEX 10  CON 12  INT 17  WIS 21  CHA 12  CMS 08

Born into the Daraman noble family, Elias was always a thoughtful and quiet child. He had a sharp intellect and wisdom beyond his years, but unfortunately he lacked the concience to use them properly.

For years he seeked to aid his parents into strengthening House Daramon's position in Verbobonc, but his father was never willing to employ the tactics he suggested they use to that end. At the age of 25 he decided to turn his back on his own family and persue his own fortune - at any cost.

Within 10 years his ambitions led him to betray his own house in exchange for position and wealth in a powerful rival House. For once his cunning betrayed him however - he severely miscalulated the lengths the rival house would go to.

One early winters morning he found himself kneeling in the ashes of what remained of his family estate and his family who were trapped inside as their home burnt. He fled, trying to forget all he had done and forsaking the trappings of wealth and power he so long sought. He secluded himself in the Fens of Tor, keeping himself apart from humanity in the hopes of supressing his darker impulses.

During his long years in the fens he encountered many strange creatures, among them Irriana, a willow dryad. An unlikely friendship developed between Elias (now calling himself Darius Monn) and the dryad. He brought her what little news he received of the outside world, and in exchange she tought him about nature and the magic it contained.

  ... R.I.P - Darius Monn ...


  1. Okay, I must have missed a Post. Why the R.I.P. for Darius?

    Save me from re-reading everything. ;)

  2. Okay, found it. I remember now, Darious died at the Temple!

    Rest in Peace, friend Darius.