Sunday, September 30, 2012

Character Spotlight - Seta Aidala

Campaign: LEGACY the Path of Heroes
Class: Magus
Level: 5
Race: Human (Suel)
Alignment: Neutral

STR ??  DEX ??  CON ??  INT ??  WIS ??  CHA ??  CMS ??

Mother watched the boat draw away from the dock and make its way down the river with a sense of relief. That group of misfits had been useful in a way, but they had been a lot more trouble than they are worth. Maybe they would succeed at the temple, maybe they will get themselves killed, but either way is a win for her. She was particularly happy to see the back of the old druid. He had a dark look in his eyes that she had only seen in one other man before, a man she had to end up putting down before he lost control.

For the first time in years doubt assails her – in her eagerness to get rid of them she had made a mistake, they are going to need watching. They could do untold damage if her connection to them should be revealed to the wrong people. With an annoyed curse Mother draws her shawl around her and heads to the edge of town. Thinking of the man she had once known had reminded her of the one legacy he had left her. A nasty smile tugs at the corner of her mouth. The girl will be hard to convince, but it would be another win-win situation for her – at worst she will be rid of a thorn that has been troubling her for the better part of three decades.

Cloaking herself in silence she approaches the modest hut on the outskirts of town. She circles around the building and approaches the back door. Testing the latch she realises it is unlocked. Tsk tsk, the girl should know better.  Quietly she slips into the poorly lit hut.  Several rags, a sharpening stone, a bottle of oil and a jar of weapon-black is arrayed on a reed mat in the centre of the room. Her only warning is an rustling sound as something soft and rope like coils around her throat.

“Staying in practice mother?”, Seta croons as she slides into view from behind the door. She was wearing a suit of mail, and holding her father’s wickedly curved sword casually in one hand. The girl had a pretty enough face, but a misspent youth and years of swordplay had left it crisscrossed with fine scars and nose slightly askew from an improperly set break. The arrogant grin on it was purely her fathers, and set Mothers teeth on edge.

“It is always a good idea to stay in practice, daughter. Did you get all dressed up for me, or were you expecting someone else?”

“One should always be properly dressed for company, you taught me that.”
“Quite. Now are you going to release? You’re not too old for a spanking.”. Mother notices that Seta hesitates for almost a full second. The girl has guts, she will give her that. She is actually considering making a move!
“My apologies mother, I know much you hate doling out punishment.”. Seta walks to mat and plops down in front of it, as her sleek black hair shortens and re-coils itself into a waist length braid. Picking up one of the rags she resumes cleaning the worn, but razor-sharp blade.

“Why do you still have that old thing? I would have thought you would have gotten rid of it years ago and replaced it with something better?”
“It serves me well enough. Any particular reason for your visit, or just feeling chatty?”

Mother lashes out with her staff and cuffs Seta on the ear: “Silence girl! I’ve had to punish one of daughters already today, don’t think our blood tie makes you immune!”

“I have a task for you. You must have heard of the group of so called adventurers making trouble in town?”
Seta’s only answer is a noncommittal grunt.
“Last night they fought a battle outside the tavern. During the brawl Blackwolf, Balabar and Vex got killed”
Seta turns around with a laugh, “Ha! Balabar you say? Am I supposed to be outraged or something? Do you know he had me cornered and alone once?”
Seta shrugs, “’And’  he learned an important lesson that night. You taught me well… in that regard. Are you going to get to a point anytime soon?”
“The group is on their way to the temple now. Their goals and mine coincide for now and I would like it to stay that way for as long as possible. I want you to join them.”
Seta laughs harshly. “Are you serious? Do you think me…” She suddenly stops and cocks her head to one side. Various emotions flash across her face and finally settles on annoyance.
“Fine, Fine, I hear you! What do you want me to do once I join them?”
Disregarding her daughters strange, but quick acceptance Mother continues, “For now, just help them, but protect my… our interests. They seem to trust me they should accept you easily enough.”
“If they trust you, then they can’t be too bright. It shouldn’t be too hard to steer their course. But first, tell me about them and what is in it for me…”

An hour later Seta watches her mother hobble from her hut. Despite her pretence of infirmity the woman can still move like a cat. It had been pure chance that Seta had been retrieving a leather binding from behind the door. He heart had nearly leaped from her chest when it had opened without a sound. She had reacted without thinking and when she realised who she had caught her heart did leap from her chest.

Having finished cleaning the blade she picks it up and take the first stance of her morning exercise routine.
“I do believe she intends to get you killed”, a  voice murmurs in her mind.
“Any other words of belated wisdom Father? Maybe about how blue the sky is or how wet water is?”
“No need for sarcasm. Pull in your left foot, you are leaving your right flank exposed.”
Correcting her stance Seta, restarts the exercise. “YOU were the one that made me accept her offer. I actually felt you trying to force me. You know I hate it when you do that.”

“I’m sorry, but it is very important that we go to the temple.”

“Why? What is there you so desperately seek?”

“Your left foot is still too far out. Correct and start again”

“Your avoiding the question.”

“Correct and start again.”

With a sigh, Seta corrects her stance and once again starts the exercise.

“When we are done you need to clean my pommel again. You missed a spot.”

“Yes, Father.”

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  1. Keeping secrets from her own mother! Tsk! Kids today.

    I like the intelligent sword angle. No wonder she won't trade it in. She has a reason to trust her father?