Tuesday, May 8, 2012

LEGACY the Path of Heroes - Session 012

SESSION 012 - The Fall of the Moathouse

Darius listened to the Cuthbertine priest as he recalled how he had been captured and thrown into the small store room. Shepherd realised he had been fool to have tried to infiltrate the moathouse on his own as he explained how he was captured. It had almost cost him his life, if it hadn’t been for his rescuers, he was sure to have been Lubash’s next meal.

The battle with the undead ogre had been grim and everyone was on edge. Duerin stood with his back to the dead ogre’s body, in silent prayer to St. Cuthbert.They had learned from Shepherd that the undead ogre that they had slain was called Lubash. Shepherd told of how they had defeated the ogre; when he, Anmar, Calodan and Siam had entered the moathouse months earlier. The undead ogre had to have been of Lareths creation. 

The Cuthbertine priest stressed that he needed to return to Hommlet to speak to Canon Terjon as the situation was dire. Shepherd told his rescuers what he knew of the moathouse before returning to Hommlet. 

Markus and his companions found little of use in the slayed dead ogre’s chamber. It took some time, but after a thorough search they discovered a secret door. Erehwon stepped forward speaking a cautionary warning to his companions, saying that it would be best if he checked the secret door first before anyone step through.
Erehwon examined the secret door; his trained eye looking for any sort of mechanism that his hands might have missed that would activate the trap. Nothing! He was satisfied that the door was safe to open. The half-orc gently pressed the small latch that would release the secret door, with an audible click the door sprang open flooding the room with an oppressive smell that took the companions breathe away. Erehwon stepped back overcome by nausea from the overbearing smell.

Lady Madeline stood up from her prison floor. Her once fine dress now layered in dirt and grime. Her face still hurt from the beating she had received from Roderic. She looked at the door as she heard the key turn in the lock of her cell door. Light flooded into the small chamber as the door swung open, silhouetting the two figures that stood before her.
“Bring her to my chambers … Minge,” said a strong feminine voice, using the Halfling’s name as an afterthought; before taking her leave.
The smaller one of the two stepped forward, “As you wish,” replied the halfling. Madeline grimaced as the halfling grabbed her; the smell from the halfling stifled her breath as he dragged her from her cell. 

Footfalls could be heard approaching the passage that the companions had opened the door to. A strong scent of sweet and dog evident in the air … 

Siam’s eyes opened. 

She could feel cold stone beneath her scantily clad body, her hands manacled to chains fastened to the wall behind her. The chamber was bathed in darkness. Siam could hear nothing else over her heartbeat. Overcoming her fear the young rogue calmed herself and within a few minutes she could her the gentle sound of water lapping up against stone nearby. 

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  1. Yes, Terjon MUST be warned . . . so that he might send your heros to the Moathouse to do battle!

    Or did he already do that?