Wednesday, June 20, 2012

LEGACY the Path of Heroes - Session 016

SESSION 016 - The Ominous Note

Duerin paced back and forth in front of the window of the old druid’s cottage, looking for any sign of the druid’s return. Suddenly Duerin stopped his pacing and muttered to no one in particular, “We need food! That’s it we need food!

“If we are going to wait, we might as well eat something,” muttered the dwarf as he scouted the druid’s kitchen for some cooking ingredients. He smiled broadly when he spotted the large cast iron cooking pot suspended over the hearth. Duerin picked up the large metal cooking pot and put Markus to the task of finding some more wood for the fire and filling the pot with some fresh water.
Soon the dwarf was humming away as he gathered the ingredients he needed from his pack and couple of things he was missing from the druid’s supplies in the kitchen

Markus placed the large pot onto the metal arm and pushed it back over the fire. He watched the dwarf chopping away at some roots as he added some more wood to the fire. Finished he walked over to the window and look outside; the snow had already covered his tracks from when he had gone outside earlier. He was thankful for being inside with the approaching storm he thought. He rubbed his hands together fighting off a sudden chill. The weather had turned bad and by the signs of it they were going to be stuck here for some time, possible a day or two. Markus thoughts strayed to the druid as he poured himself some of the Keolandish brandy from his pack; he was worried about the old man and hoped that he would return soon …

A rich hearty smell soon filled the cottage as the dwarf went about throwing ingredients into the cooking pot. Duerin had even managed to get some corn bread baking on some clay bricks in the hearth.

Erehwon packed his weapons out on the floor before him. Lost in thought he went about cleaning his weapons. After cleaning all his weapons he picked up his large axe and began to hone the curved steel blade of his axe, on the stone he kept in a belt pouch. As he continued to sharpen his axe blade he tried to piece together the images that he had seen earlier that day, gods it made his head hurt.

“Grudash !!!” shouted the half-orc has he angrily he hurled the whetstone across the room! “What did the name mean?” he thought. He ignored the companions and the urgent pleas.

Everyone turned to face the half-orc at the sudden outburst.

“Leave me be!” He muttered as he stood to retrieve his whetstone. Seeing that they weren’t going to get any further explanation his friends decided best to leave things be.

Siam found herself feeling claustrophobic with her new found friends and being stuck in the small cottage. Pulling her cloak tightly around her shoulders she settled down on the bed away from her companions. Feeling the winter chill she pulled the thick woollen blanket over herself that was on the bed. Prodding the pillow with her elbow to get comfortable she heard the crinkle of paper coming from within. Sticking her hand into the pillow case she pulled out a crude piece of paper with some writing on it. By the looks of it the note had been written in haste and was covered with soot. The note read,

"Been captured, Calodan dead. Taken to Nulb Darius get help! - Anmar"

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  1. Your adventure path sessions and covers are amazingly well constructed. A shining example of how to chronicle a campaign!