Thursday, May 31, 2012

Character Spotlight - Siam Thanalynn

Campaign: LEGACY the Path of Heroes
Class: Rogue
Level: 3
Race: Human (Suel)
Alignment: Neutral

STR 12  DEX 19  CON 15  INT 15  WIS 15  CHA 13  CMS 17

Siam is a short, petite woman, of Suel extract. Born to the Merchant House of Thanalynn, in Keoland, to Balabar and Rowena Thanalynn, she was the younger child. Her brother, Ferrick, had an army commission purchased for him when Siam was only six and he left home.

Siam’s tale truly begins with the death of her mother the following year, to Wasting Sickness as this was when she attracted the attention of her father. The brutish pig, claimed her as his own, private property and the abuse began. Siam’s horror only ended when, on the eve of her sixteenth birthday, she set fire to the mansion and fled the horrors of Thanalynn House. 

Description: Siam is a young, attractive woman, with straw blonde hair and pale blue eyes, indicating her Suel heritage. She is slight of build, with a lithe, supple body. She favours dark leathers and a red lined, black cloak. At around 5 feet in height she is often mistaken for elven. Siam has a seemingly innocent face, with sultry lips which she uses to devastating effect when trying to get her way. Not prone to wearing make up, she has an ethereal quality which makes her appear younger than she in fact is.

Personality: Somewhat spoilt and immature, Siam often seems as though she views the world as owing her a favour. She can be disdainful and sarcastic even and is often in trouble with associates or “friends” for seeming aloof and cruel even.
Things have changed for Siam, of late. Recently, she escaped from the clutches of evil, below the Moathouse outside of Hommlet. She had been held captive by the evil elf Lareth the Beautiful, devoted servant of Lolth for several weeks. She does not speak of what happened to her while she was held captive but now there is a certain “darkness” about her, an edge that was previously missing. 

Goals: Siam now has a thirst for power. She has made a promise to herself that she will never again be a pawn to someone else or be held against her will. In the short term, Siam plans to make contacts across the seedier parts of the Flanaess and where possible, earn favours from individuals. She plans to create an empire of thieves, spies and assassins and become a controller of information.
Siam realizes that the only way she can become a mover and shaker is to have information. She is in the final stages of planning an Alter Ego that she will create and use in and around Nulb but first she needs a Mage …

Height: 5'1", Weight: 110 lbs, Handed: Right
Age: 22 years (born 554 CY, 9th day of Readying)
Physique: Slender, Lithe, Athletic
Comeliness: (17) Attractive, ethereal, innocent looking; Features: Long hair, slight build with straw blonde hair and pale blue eyes.
Patron Deity: Norebo
Family: Mother (Deceased), Father (Balabar), Older brother (Ferrick)

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