Tuesday, July 31, 2012

LEGACY the Path of Heroes - Session 020

SESSION 020 - Journey to the Runied Temple

Beldrick and his men spurred their horses towards Imeryd’s run, as they were in pursuit of the group that had fled the scene of inn earlier. He could hear the sounds of battle somewhere off in the night ahead.

A moment later a monstrous growl tore through the night sky sending shivers down his spine.

Beldrick pulled back hard on the reins of his horse, bringing his mount to a stop. Grabbing the lantern from his saddle, Beldrick stood in his stirrups, with the lantern held aloft. He quickly surveyed the area before him. Sure enough the tracks continued off into the darkness ahead.
He could hear the sounds of battle but his lantern was no strong enough to illuminate the area ahead.

Beldrick ordered his men to dismount, “Ready your crossbows men,” he said. “Use the bolts with the silver heads,” as he instructed his men to continue ahead towards the river’s edge. He secured the horses to a nearby fence.

Beldrick and his men proceed forward cautiously. Weapons at the ready! They were not ready for the grizzly scene that the lantern illuminated before them as the cleared the brush.

The monstrous creature bit down into the soft flesh of the young woman. Siam let out a blood curdling cry! She could smell the feted breath of the creature on her skin. A cloudy memory stirred in the back of creature’s mind as it recalled the familiar scent of the woman before it. How it had lusted after her.

Siam’s rapier tore into the creature’s side, causing the creature to momentary relax its grip on her. It was enough of an opportunity for her to slip out of its grip and to tumble to the side.

Siam watched as a barrage of bolts slammed into creature. Balabar howled as the silver heads of the bolts burned into his chest. The momentum of the bolts slammed him into the frozen waters of the Imeryd.

“N-N-N-O-O-O!” screamed Siam as creature crashed in the water.

Beldrick stood shocked as he watched the young woman covered in blood run and dive into the frozen waters of the Imeryd. The cold water almost crippled Siam, but her hatred for her father carried her deeper into the depths of the river. Siam could see the Balabar’s body up ahead, but the frigid water of the Imeryd was gaining the upper hand.

She could feel the rivers currents tugging at her limbs, her breath was running low and her lungs burned. She was starting to tire. She could feel her eyes started to close …

Suddenly she felt something grab at her; it was the gloved hand of Balabar.

She grabbed at the gloved hand, but the cold had sapped her strength and then she felt her eyes close, as the last of her air left her lungs.  The glove tore away from Balabar’s hand, as the underwater currents pulled the body deeper into the depths of the Imeryd.

Coughing and sputtering Beldrick pulled the young woman onto the river’s bank. She had tried to fight him off when he had grabbed her, but she was injured and fatigued. The cold had gained the upper hand and she had blacked out. “Quick bring my saddle bag,” he called to one of his men.

Darius watched as Beldrick dragged Siam from the river. He too was injured from the battle, as was Erehwon. The half-orc stirred as the potion started to mend his wounds. Darius put the empty vial back into his pouch, that had been his last and he could do with one himself.

Siam lay on the bank of the Emeryd with the glove of Balabar clasped in her hand ….

Markus and Duerin followed the four men back to Nulb. Markus thought it best to heed the men’s warnings. He would wait to see how things played out or if an opportunity presented itself for him and the dwarf to make it to safety. The men had said that Mother wish to see them.

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