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LEGACY the Path of Heroes - Session 014

SESSION 014 - The Road to Nulb


The small group of friends made their way through the brush that surrounded the old moathouse. They had escaped moments earlier from the tunnel that had led to the forest. Duerin had discovered a cache of oil barrels not far off the trail that they had been following. He urged his friends ahead as he set to work on buying them some sorely needed time in order to make their escape back to Hommlet.

Urging his companions ahead, he pulled out his tinderbox and set to wetting the trail with the oil from the barrels. He watched as the oil flowed down trail towards the opening of the tunnel that they just fled from, watching for any sign of Black Wolf’s men.

Crouching, Duerin struck his steel bar against the hardened flint.  A cascade of sparks flew into the night, crackling in the cold wintery air. He watched as the sparks fell to the wet ground covered in snow and oil. “Nothing!” he cursed. Scratching through his backpack the dwarf found some dry kindling that he placed on the ground between his boots. He then pulled his winter cloak over his broad shoulders for shelter, so he could light the oil. His think winter cloak sheltered him from the wind and falling snow. “Tap ... Tap … Tap,” as he struck his steel bar against the flint once, twice and third time before the sparks fell to the dry kindling at his boots.

It was at this point that he noticed the first signs of the men leaving the tunnel that they had just fled from. A sudden gust of wind ripped his cloak open, causing his kindling to burst into flame. He quickly shoved the burning kindling into the oil and watched as the oil ignited. The oil burnt towards the entrance of the tunnel. Shouts of alarm came from the men at that had appeared at the tunnel entrance. Moments later the tunnel erupted in flame, igniting a large barrel of oil that was being carted away from the entrance by one of the men. The man screamed as the flame ran up his leg and engulf him, but his screams were soon silence as the barrel of oil exploded.

The sound of the explosion ripped through the immediate area, sending some forest creatures scuttling for safety of the deeper woods. Duerin smiled as he turned to leave, running to catch up with his friends.

Darius was pleased to find his mule Alfonso grazing in a clearing as they broke through the brush of the forest. The mule recognising his old master and trotted over to gently nudged him with his nose. Marcus was most pleased to see the mule too as he had been carrying the unconscious half-orc through the forest and this meant that he no longer needed to. Alfons was not so keen on the idea of having the half-orc on him and let the old Druid know in no uncertain terms.

It wasn’t long before the companions found themselves on the outskirts of Hommlet. They watched the smoke drift from the chimney’s from the large establishment of the Welcome Wench. The inns many windows glowed with flickering torch light, merriment and laugher could be heard coming from the large establishment. The five friends and Alfons urged on, eager to get out of the cold night air.

Sometime later the companions joined each other in one of the backrooms of the inn. That is all except Erehwon, who still remained unconscious?  After a quick meal they decided it would be best if each got some rest. They would meet for breakfast in the morning and see what the day brought them.

Duerin watched the half-orc from the shadows of the room that they shared. St. Cuthbert would guide them he thought as he pulled his smoking pipe from his belt.

The half-orc’s fevered dreams were plagued with visions of battle. Looking down he saw that he was clad in armor, axe and sword in hand.

He was covered in blood and gore. He could feel the blood flowing from his mouth. The metallic taste of the blood filled his mouth. A savage cry from behind caused him to turn. His reactions weren’t quick enough to stop the blow that slammed into his head and that of the second blade that slammed into his groin ….

“AAAAAARGH!” screamed the half-orc as he awoke.

“Where was he? Where did these bed sheets come from? Though the half-orc as he got off the cot and dressed himself in his clothes that lay in a heap on the floor. The room peered ominously silent and dark.

“Aaah, you up!” proclaimed the dwarf as he lit his pipe in the shadows near the window. “Wondered how long it would be before I had to wake you up myself,” jested the dwarf, showing the half-orc how he would have prodded him with his smoking pipe.

“Come, the others are waiting for us downstairs. We have many things to discuss and I could do with a warm meal this morning,” said Duerin as he made his way to the door.

Siam found the comforts of the Welcome Wench sorely needed after her prolonged visit at the moathouse. She used her time to soak and bathe herself, while she sipped her goblet of fine Celene Red. She soon found herself drifting off to sleep …

Markus sat on the bed in his room too tired to do anything. He was still no further in rescuing his mother he thought. He lay back on the bed and thought about the last time he had seen her. He remembered that she had worn the white dress, but soon felt his eyes closing. He tried to fight off the effect of his tired limbs, but eventually sleep won. Thoughts of his mother and his uncle filled his dreams. He would find her and he would have his revenge, his uncle would pay, was his last thought before sleep over took him.

Darius spent better part of the evening tending to his trusted friend and companion Alfons, but he too soon turned in as he too needed his rest.

Minge shivered, huddled in the corner of the barn. His thoughts turned to the one called Siam as he tore a bit of meat off the rat carcass over the small cooking fire. The dirty Halfling chewed on the piece of half cooked meat and let out a loud cackle, “Yes Mistress …..” and he cackled again.

The door of the barn burst open, as a large figured stepped forth into the barn.

“Sorry master, Minge sorry master,” squealed the Halfling as he heard steel being drawn.

Siam was the last to join her friends in the common room for breakfast the following morning. She sat down just as Ostler arrived with a tray of bowls of hot oats, butter and honey. Each of the companions settled down and tucked into their morning meal.

It was Darius that was the first to break the silence ….

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